• Signing up at least 24 hours in advance gives you time to get help if something goes wrong with registration, confirmations, etc.


  • Plan ahead … class registration closes 5 minutes prior to class starting. You will be unable to get through the system. 


  • You are given an encrypted online code.  If you share this code with a friend, then your friend will be joining the class, and you won’t.  Each code is unique. 


  • IF you are using a promo code, but sure to click the “Apply” button BEFORE clicking “Check Out”. Otherwise, the classes in your cart will be charged to the card on file. 


  • Because Zoom is linked into Vagaro (the point of sale system), we at Jai have little control over connectivity issues with Zoom. Of course, please let us know if something is malfunctioning and we will help look into it. 





Not receiving an email confirmation:

  • Make sure you have a valid email and phone number on file. 

  • Make sure that the notifications and reminders options are turned on in your Vagaro profile.

  • Check your SPAM mail to see if your confirmation email landed there.

  • Troubleshoot with the Vagaro support forums HERE

  • Contact or (925) 464-1932 ext. 2


Unable to connect to Livestream:

  • Be sure you have a strong and stable internet connection.

  • Be sure you have the free ZOOM app, and that you are signed into it. 

  • After you are signed into your ZOOM app, click the “Join Live Stream” button within your confirmation email.

  • You can also click the “Join Live Stream” button on the appointment page when you log into or the Vagaro app.

  • If you shared the appointment or class to your own personal calendar, you will also find a link to the live stream there. You can join a live stream from a computer or a mobile device.

  • Troubleshoot with the vagaro support forums HERE


Contact or (925) 464-1932 ext. 2