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and Private Classes

It is through the guidance of a spiritual teacher we can gain a broader depth of our practice and a deeper experience of our own infinite power. 


Private & Small Group Classes offer you a space, held with Jai’s wisdom and support, in making the breakthroughs you desire for high frequency living.


In the Age of Aquarius, space and time are no longer a barrier.


Virtual Classes (on Zoom) are available for your convenience.

In-Studio Private Classes are also available.


$70 / Session

Spiritual Coaching for Inspired Living.

We all have an inner voice, an advanced intelligence, which knows what is best for our highest good.  Unfortunately in the age of over scheduling, massive commitments, and stressful deadlines, we don’t always set aside the time to tune into that voice. Even more, we get stuck in old belief systems and often we no longer trust the very voice that should be guiding us. 


As an intuitive and healer, I will help tune you back into that voice again.  I will listen carefully and teach you tools to shift your thinking back to your inner light. I will support you as you make sustainable changes to improve your health and happiness.  I am skilled when it comes to navigating the darkness and limiting thoughts of the ego.  I am also experienced in self-care practices that help bring balance, serenity, joy, gratitude and most importantly, restored intuition as a central focus in your days.

Meditation RX


A prescribed meditation program to meet your unique goals. Meditation calms the mind.  It can bring clarity, peace and divine alignment into our chaotic world. 


If you have wanted to start a meditation practice, but you are not sure where to begin, then this program is just what the doctor ordered! With Meditation RX you will receive a 1:1 coaching call where we will unveil your challenges and goals. Based on your session, I will prescribe you a specific meditation that will help you bust through blocks so that you can live with more freedom and peace of mind.

The Meditation RX program gives you…


*a diagnostic coaching call to discover your unique challenges and goals

*a prescribed meditation to break through your blocks

*a 40 day regime to begin a successful meditation practice

*three phone support sessions for accountability and success

*my personal commitment to your meditation journey

Private Kundalini Classes

$75/60 min


with gong bath

Private sessions are tailored to your individual needs at a time that works for you. Think of it as spirit therapy with the benefits of a workout!  In a private class, meditations and kriyas are designed to meet your specific needs so you can release what needs to be released.


A one-on-one class allows you to go deeper into the practice while feeling supported as you elevate yourself.

Small Group Kundalini Classes

$25/ per person

3-5 People


Two person

$35/per person

Private small group classes are designed to bring your practice into a group setting where you can access the potency of group energy.

It is said there is power in numbers and group practice is the bridge between individual consciousness and the collective consciousness.

The energy we give and receive in community is medicine.  The innate wisdom of the Universe is working between us and among us as we delve deep into Spirit together. 


A private group class allows you to access the elevating energy found in group practice while feeling centered and supported with a trained Jai Yoga Teacher. 

Kundalini On the Farm with Jai Yoga and

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