Level 1 and Level 2
(200 & 300 hour)

(as presented by Ana Brett & Ravi Singh)


Taught by: Ravi Singh

Assisted by Jennifer Greenwald

Jennifer Greenwald, Kundalini Yoga Studio, the Jai Yoga experience, Best virtual yoga classes, Kundalini Teacher Training 2021

 Training Begins October 1st

Module 1  ~ Oct 1-3

Module 2 ~ Nov 5-7

Module 3 ~ Dec 3-5

Module 4 ~ Jan 7-9

Module 5 ~ Feb 4-6

Module 6 ~ March 4-6

“The Path of a Spiritual Teacher is the highest human Destiny.”

Whether you’re inspired to be a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, or in up leveling your path and practice, congratulations on taking this momentous step!


There comes a point in our practice when we have extra energy and a new awareness of things. The only thing which makes sense at that point is service. To serve is to give. To give is to love. To love is to be. To be is Infinity. May your brightness illuminate minds and hearts. May your example inspire others towards a life well lived. May your efforts create momentum for a better world.


Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool for excellence and self-growth and an accessible means to turn suffering into blessings and positive attributes. Become a facilitator of life-changing transformations. This event is not only for aspiring Teachers, but also for those who want to deepen their Path and process.


We'll meet one weekend a month for six months.
Assisting in the Training will be All-Star Teacher Jennifer Greenwald. In addition to the weekend sessions there will be opportunity to meet in smaller groups to check in and delve into your process.

A PDF manual will be

e-mailed to you for each weekend we meet.


The cost will be $2,220 paid in full. 
We are offering very liberal payment plans with as little as $195 down.


Sessions will be 65% experiential and 35% discussion.

Begins October 1, 2021

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Ravi Singh is dedicated to helping you discover and express your gifts in your teaching, and your life.


This 200 / 300 hr. certification is recognized by Yoga Unify and Yoga Alliance. Homework for this Training will include various lifestyle considerations and a personal Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) which we will ask that you practice each day.

Jennifer Greenwald, Kundalini Yoga Studio, the Jai Yoga experience, Best virtual yoga classes, Kundalini Teacher Training 2021


300 hr. Trainees

Will meet Friday from 11:30 - 3:30 EST


Both 200 & 300 hr.

Trainees will be meeting Saturday / Sunday at 11 a.m. EST.


We will break at 2:30pm and convene again from 4 pm to 7 pm.


Please note that additional hours will include online group check-in meetings with Jennifer and/or Ravi

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200 Training Overview
200 and 300 hr. Trainees
Meet Saturday / Sunday 11 am - 7 pm EST

Module 1

Core Foundations of Kundalini Yoga

October 2 - 3

Prioritizing Around Spirit • Self Purification • Sadhana • Long Ek Ong Kars • Laya Yoga • The Holy Line • Ong Namo Breakdown • Historical Streams • Kundalini at a Crossroads • Kundalini in Other Traditions • Kundalini Concepts • Demystifying Kundalini • Kriya for Vital Capacity • Ethics in yoga • Warm-Ups • Designing A Kundalini Class • Time after time • The Use of Lucid Language • Bridging the Gap • Sets for Success • What Students Expect • Basic Warm-Up Script • Stabilize the Mind • Develop Hidden Greatness • Yoga Salutations • The Bhandas • Jai Te Gung • Kriya for Nerves of Steel • The Three Knots • Sat Kriya • So Darshan Chakra Kriya • Hari Shabd Meditation • Kundalini Yoga Mantras • More!

Module 2

Module 2: Breath & Life / Kriya Concepts

November 6 - 7

Breath & Life • Breath Mechanics • Overview of Breathing practices in K. Yoga • Long Light Breathing • Long Deep Breathing • Pranyam for Tremendous Strength • All & Everything Meditation • Breath of Fire • Segmented Breathing • Prana Enhancer • Holding Breath Out • Holding Breath In • Amazing Minute Breath • Tiger Claws Meditation • Healing Strength of the Inner Self • Prosperity Meditation • Kriya Concepts • Set to Elevate and Celebrate • Navel Tapas Kriya • Kriya Choreography • Detox/Heart Set • New Beginnings • More!

Module 3

Module 3: Chakra Bouquet

December 4 - 5

Chakra intro • Chakra Polarities • Chakra Breathing • Grounding Set • Chakra 1: Earth • Set for Pelvic Balance • Kundalini Kriya • Chakra 3: Fire • Activating the Navel • Meditations for Navel Power • Chakra 4: Air • Heart Meditations • Chakra 5: Ether • Chakra 6: Intuition Husani Kriya • Third Eye Breath • Chakra 7: Universality • Experience Your Unlimited Aspect • Prosperity through Your Aura • The System of Chakras by Goraknath • Kriya to Balance the Chakras • Chakras As Portals to Inner Realms • More!

Module 4

Prosperity and Professional Development for Teachers

January 8 - 9

Professional Development • The Voice of the Teacher • Class Logistics • Teaching Affectations • Student Pet Peeves • Let the Breath Be Your Guide • You and Cues • What a 200 hr. Teacher Needs to Know • Align to be Divine • Posture Exercises • Easy Pose • More Alignment Tips • See Without Eyes • The Four U’s • Social Media • Creating Flyers • Uttar Kriya • Sanmukh Kriya • Prosperity Meditation • Meditation for Strong Nerves •
Working the Total Self • More!

Module 5

Module 5: Health, Healing, Conscious Lifestyle

February 5 - 6

Thoughts on Healing • Kriya to Prevent Disease • Balancing Prana & Apana • Love Your Liver • Purification Kriya • Notes on the Tongue • Anti-Viral Breath • Bujung Kriya • Sitali Pranayam • To Heal All Sickness • RaMaDaSa • Shabd Guru • Meditation to Heal Others • Healing Self & Others • Diamond Mudra • Healing at a Distance • Pavan Guru • Karam Sambhavani Kriya • Balance the Five Tattvas • The Doshas • To Become Crystal Clear • To Get Unstuck • Hering’s Law of Cure • Anti-Inflammation Meditation • The Vayus • Pranayam to Stay Young * Immune Booster • Bio-Dynamics of Disease • More!

Module 6

A Path with Heart

March 5 - 6

Growth Phases on the Spiritual Path • Soul Prompts • A Path with Heart • The Hero’s Journey • Becoming a Spiritual Teacher • Body and Soul • Using Cueing to Go Deeper • Be a Contender Not Pretender • Jap Sahib • Bowing to Jap Sahib • Lighthouse Meditation • Awaken the Diaphragm • Open Heart Set • Hero’s Journey narrative applied to Set to Release Fear • Ashtang Agni Kriya • Being a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga •
Develop Elevated Caliber of a Spiritual Teacher • More!

Level 2 300 Training Overview
A professional at this level has advanced their knowledge of core competencies. A Level 2 Guide has the ability to design an effective class or curriculum and adapt to the needs of all levels of students practicing in the same class. Yoga Guides have begun to have their practice be informed by a deeper intention and have applied their knowledge in their teaching and life. A Yoga Guide is coming into their unique voice and has an intrinsic motivation to share their yogic knowledge. A Yoga Guide is able to personalize practices for their students at every stage of their healing and life path. A guide is able to impart the spiritual knowledge of yoga as an embodied experience.

300 hr. Trainees will meet Friday 11:30 am - 3:30 EST

Module 1

Emotional Alchemy: The Path of Self-Growth

Oct. 1 - 3

The Shadow knows! Many people on the Spiritual Path try to do an end run around the stick issues in their lives but that approach is not sustainable. This module is all about “feeling work,” and how the drama of our early years continues to inform our present. We will delve into powerful Kundalini Yoga techniques to turn past pain into infinite gain.

Module 2

Chakra Immersion, Ten Bodies, Tantric Numerology

Nov. 5 - 7

Each of us, mind, body, psyche and soul, is a holographic construct in which each part contains the whole. The ancient yogis, through intense observation and experimentation, constructed all-inclusive maps to describe this totality. These maps were conceived as tools towards balance. In this module we will learn navigation tools towards the discovery of a new world.

Module 3
The True History of Kundalini Yoga

December 3-5

The history of yoga is a process of continual unfolding. Kundalini Yoga is part of the fabric of All Yoga, not just an isolated style. In this module we will delve into the historic precedents for Kundalini Yoga and the ideas that gave rise to the Kundalini Yoga we know and love.

Module 4
Trauma Conscious Kundalini

January 7-9

In this session you will learn eminently doable techniques to add to your teaching toolbox. These will address: • anxiety • depression • addictive behavior. In this session we’ll learn to help our clients transit from trauma into the high drama of profound unfolding.

Module 5

Kundalini Yoga & the New Brain

Feb 4-6

Our brain is a miraculous mechanism that helps us decode reality, synthesize information, and navigate the
physical world. Although it generates the matrix it also helps us deconstruct it. In this module we will learn what K. Yoga Teachers need to know about this seminal construct. We will also cover the art and science of mudras.

Module 6
Soul Journeys

March 4 - 6
Learn how to be a yogi wizard and imbue your teaching with unique creativity! Included will be yoga nidra, soul journeys, and magic and mystery and more!.

In addition to all of above we will engage in group community outreach, mentorship to the 200 hr. Trainees, as well as a personal project that will help you develop those gifts that make you special as a Teacher. It’s akin to “finding your voice” as an artist. And of course we will continue to grow as a group and elevate and celebrate.

Pastel Swirl
Jennifer Greenwald, Kundalini Yoga Studio, the Jai Yoga experience, Best virtual yoga classes, Kundalini Teacher Training 2021

Assisting in the Training will be Jennifer Greenwald (Jai Jai)


Jennifer is a Raviana 500 hr. Teacher Training Graduate. She has taught at numerous Raviana Trainings, is a Raviana Senior Teacher, and is owner of Jai Yoga in Madison, CT.

Guest Teacher for this Training include Yoga Unify Mentor:
Anne Minter, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology and Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Total Cost for the Training is $2,220 paid in full.




$1150 Down, Balance due by December 2021

Pay $1150 down, before the training begins, and the balance ($1150) by module 3 the cost will be $2300

$150 Down / Monthly Installments

Pay $195 down, before the training, and pay installments of $195 over the course of 12 months, total cost $2535 

Please note that payment for this training is non-refundable. Certifications will not be awarded until your payment has been completed. If you need to miss a weekend you can make it up at a future Ana and Ravi training or event, but to receive credit we require that you let us know which modules you will be missing before the Training begins.


Also, if there are no subsequent online Trainings offered you can attend an in-person Training but you would be responsible for the difference in cost between what you’ve paid here and the price per module at the location you’re attending. We cannot be responsible for absences due to inclement weather, travel delays, personal issues, or other forms of force majeure.


We look forward to seeing you!

Jennifer Greenwald, Kundalini Yoga Studio, the Jai Yoga experience, Best virtual yoga classes, Kundalini Teacher Training 2021

for prospective trainees

At a certain point on our path it's time to take a next step. From our very first Sat Nam, when
we initiated ourselves into a higher trajectory of being, we entered into a contract with our
soul to go fearlessly forward. When we do, time and space open doors and conspires to heal
and uplift us in unprecedented ways, as a dispensation of Grace.


Kundalini Yoga is more than just another style of yoga. It's considered the capstone of all
yoga systems and a gift from the Universe to ease human suffering. Its pedigree is the lineage of the highest caliber human beings whose lives reflect amazing attainments and sacrifices to be pure conduits for the Infinite Teacher, the source of these Teachings.
We know that taking a leap like this may feel overwhelming and we'd like to encourage
everyone to honor your spirit calling, take this leap fully and trust in the process. You will reap the rewards ten fold as we have seen time and again. By delving more deeply into your
practice and process we will be supporting the growing Connecticut Kundalini community
and building the momentum for the Kundalini soul tribe at large, and remove the karmic
layers that keep us stuck.


In our many years offering Teacher Trainings we have been witness to dramas both poignant and powerful. When you are called forth to make a quantum leap, consciousness is called upon and the Universe will test us to prove our sincerity. That's compounded by the fact that we can only assess where we've been and have no conception of where we're headed.


The only difference between fear and excitement is the breath...breathe through the unknown and trust the future. Invariably, people experience resistance around certain obstacles: Time. Money. Physical limitations: not up to the task physically.


Let's address each of those:

Time: Please know that if you have to miss a module or part of one, just let us know before
the Training begins and you can make it up any place we offer a Training at no additional
charge (except for possible difference when attending an in-person training). There's no time limit on this. You will find that when you commit to going forward time/space will ensure that you are accommodated and supported in this great venture. One way we get tested is around priorities. We never want to be irresponsible, but when we put Spirit first everything else comes into alignment.

Money: Kundalini Yoga is a yoga of potency. It is a privilege to exchange an honest offering
to receive this amazing technology. There are payment
plans available which we can also customize. Let's talk and we'll arrive at something that
works for you.


Physical Preparation: Please be assured that if you can participate in a yoga class, at any
level, then you will be able to take this Training with no problem. It is true that we will push the envelope a bit because our bodies and spirits have a capacity far greater than we know, we just have to access it. All of us have a tremendous amount of purification that needs to
happen: physical, emotional, and karmic. True health, happiness, and Spirit are simply not
attainable unless we earnestly undertake this project.


This will be a great and Self-fulfilling event. It will create a very real possibility that your struggles will wash away in a sea of prosperity, health and abundance. Therefore if you see any part of your current situation as an obstacle to this training, trust that a new narrative is beckoning. Know that the Universe has your back. From our very first Ong Namo you will know that you're in the place you're meant to be.


As always, we are available to speak on the phone with you to address any concerns or questions you may have. And don't forget it is always helpful to rock your practice as a lead up to the Training to reveal your true purpose right now and banish fears and limited thinking! We wish you joy, health, and abundant blessings!