a year long soul training

(as presented by Ana Brett & Ravi Singh)


Taught by: Ravi Singh

Assisted by Jennifer Greenwald

Transformative  Tools for  Healers,  Therapists, and  Yoga Teachers with Ravi Singh 

There is an urgency now for life strategies to meet the test of the times.


What’s called for is a new paradigm that is inter active, multi-dimensional, and transformative. In the  process of learning to  heal and transform others, we transform ourselves.  


Join with other therapists, healers, and teachers for this premier Soul Training, Teacher Training, and Life  Training.


It is designed to put you in a position to effect quantum healing for everyone within our sphere, professionally and personally. Ultimately, we need to  be proof of concept, a healing field, a conscious catalyst to address the great  wave of trauma that has befallen the world.

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 Training Begins June 2022

What is Compassionate Kundalini? 

Kundalini is life itself, the basic bio-energy of our being and the basis for all forms  of healing, transcendence, and creative genius. The new paradigm entails a  necessary shift from the informational to the transformational. Our methodology  features practical applications of powerful (and eminently doable) practices that  engender sustainable success. These methods help your clients and students  achieve more optimal outcomes with the application of discipline, focus, a new  relationship with energy, as well as conscious creativity, and fearlessness.

Our Intention 

To "crack the code," of the causes and cures for human suffering. As  transformation agents, in this time of greatest need, we want to be in a position to  offer the most potent protocols to our students and clients, regardless of their  fitness level or circumstances.

Our Vision 

This is the lifetime that calls for healing. In a  world where trauma has prevailed, it is time to  create conscious communities that aid and  support the healing process. This is a year  long training but our hope is that you will  consider this the opportunity of a lifetime for a  lifetime. This material is timeless. There are  always deeper levels to explore and finer  points to master. We are in community as  conscious catalysts on a path with heart.

Ravi Singh is dedicated to helping you discover and express your gifts in your teaching, and your life.


This certification is recognized by Yoga Unify. Homework for this Training will include various lifestyle considerations and a personal Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) which we will ask that you practice each day.

Jennifer Greenwald, Kundalini Yoga Studio, the Jai Yoga experience, Best virtual yoga classes, Kundalini Teacher Training 2021

About the Method 

Kundalini Yoga is more than just another style of yoga. It's considered the  capstone of all yoga systems and a gift from the Universe to ease human  suffering. It is a creative technology and ecstatic methodology. Its pedigree is the  lineage of the highest caliber human beings whose lives reflect amazing  attainments and sacrifices to be pure conduits for the Infinite Teacher, the source  of these Teachings. 

Who Can Benefit from Compassionate Kundalini? 

The Compassionate Kundalini Training and Approach will be of benefit to:

• yoga teachers and practitioners  

• psychotherapists 

• mental health professionals 

• health care professionals 

• allied health professionals 

• medical and integrative physicians 

• those interested in personal development 

• those yearning to honor their soul prompts 

• addiction counselors

About the Training 

In the Compassionate Kundalini training, you will: 

• Receive personal sadhana (daily practice) to live your excellence.


• Gain cogent insight into the multi-dimensional nature of the human  experience 

• Enhance your ability to utilize these timeless tools for every contingency  your clients present. 

• Be a conscious catalyst for your clients' healing and transformation


• Generate a healing field, a safe and sacred space 

• Learn how to help clients and students alchemize their deeply held trauma


• How to help clients and students design their own personal practice.


• Cultivate a teaching/therapeutic style and repertoire that will  

simultaneously accommodate students in fitness mode, self-healing mode,  and Spiritual growth mode 

• Share in Ravi's in-depth knowledge of human energy systems


• Learn the purpose of each technique on every level: body, mind and spirit.


• Discover your personal creative and intuitive gifts 

• Be given the opportunity (during the course of the Training) to take all of  Ravi Singh’s ongoing classes and workshops. (This is a $170 per month value!)


Each month a new module will be released via a series of videos

for you to study at your leisure.

Every module will kick off with a LIVE (online) training with Ravi

Saturday & Sunday 11:30 am - 3 pm ~ eastern time

(see dates below for weekend sessions)

There will be additional weekly meetings in small group for you to process and review the teachings.  You will be given time options to choose your weekly meeting to fit your schedule.


You will also receive a PDF manual each month.

June 11-12

Kundalini & The Goddess of Wisdom


July 9-10

Lineage and Legacy


August 13-14

The Breath Inside the Breath

September 10-11 

Body Wisdom

October 8-9

Cycles & Seasons

November 5-6

Psyche & Soul

December 3-4

Heal Your & Heal the World

January 7-8

The Mind & Its Intrigues

February 4-5

Prosperity & Empowerment

March 4-5

Post Traumatic Growth

April 8-9

The Categories of Consciousness

May 6-7

Sacred Signal


Please note that additional hours will include

weekly (online) study group

Pastel Swirl

Training Overview

Module 1

Kundalini and the Goddess of Wisdom

Kundalini is life itself; aspiring and evolving; a universal archetype in the growth of the psyche; the energy of superabundant creativity; the basis for true transformation. When Kundalini is alive in us, our gaze, our prayer, our touch can engender healing and kindle souls. Goddess Kundalini is the source of all wisdom, creativity, and blessings.

Module 2

Lineage and Legacy

We’ll never know where we’re going unless we know where we’ve been. Kundalini Yoga is very much alive and evolving as we evolve. Each of us is a beautiful bead on the bracelet of the Infinite Teacher. In this module we’ll explore the historic antecedents of this sacred science and the parameters of its future arc.


Module 3

The Breath Inside the Breath

One cannot live by respiration alone. Conscious breathing is the new panacea. It’s how we create communion with the source of all energy which is Source. In this module we’ll explore the use of conscious breathing protocols to heal mind, body, and being.

Module 4

Body Wisdom

Wherever we put our mat down there we are. Ready to take a stand against self-perceived and learned limitations. Life as we know it is an embodied experience. In this module we’ll explore how to be in our bodies gracefully, sustainably and powerfully.

Module 5

Cycles and Seasons

Everything that exists in the Universe is subject to predictive rhythms, cycles, and the dance of energy states. When we align our rhythms with universal rhythms healing happens and our life flows.

Module 6

Psyche and Soul

There are important elements that have previously been missing in the practice and presentation of Kundalini Yoga. On the Path of Spirit we need to go down before we go up. In many yoga and self-help systems, the formation of self-sovereign beings is given lip service but not truly supported. Each of our paths is unique. Each of us is on a hero’s journey. In this module we’ll explore authentic shadow work and soul journeying to learn to be true to ourselves and help others find their uniqueness.

Module 7

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

As Teachers/Healers it’s imperative
now that we be proof of concept for the radiance, vibrancy, and
hardiness that we’re espousing. In this module we’ll explore the five
healing keys and the bonus key for healthy, happy humans. We’ll also
learn powerful protocols for a wide range of conditions, including
anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, diabetes, digestive issues, etc. 

Module 8

The Mind and It's Intrigues

Either we learn to control our mind or our mind controls us. The great Sage Patanjali wrote that the indispensable condition for success in yoga and life is to be able to monitor and mediate the fluctuations of mind. This is achieved through Meditation. Meditation is a must in life as we know it. In this module you’ll learn how to teach meditation to the meditation resistant. You’ll also learn how to go more deeply into your own meditative journey. 

Module 9

Prosperity and Empowerment

 Prosperity is a universal constant. How can we align with that truth and have it be reflected in our lives? As service providers, how can we create sustainable lives for ourselves so that we can be even more effective? As we solve this riddle we can inspire others to be prosperous and honor their soul.

Module 10

Post-Traumatic Growth

 . Trauma is timely! In the spirit of service and with a sense of profound urgency, it’s incumbent on us as soulful service providers to provide the tools that people need to navigate this new world we find ourselves in. In this module we’ll use tantric principles to help us and our clients turn past pain into infinite gain.

Module 11

The Categories of Consciousness 

The ancient yogis, through intense observation and experimentation, constructed all-inclusive maps to describe this totality. These maps were conceived as tools towards balance. They assist us as we navigate life’s ocean to accurately plot who we are, where we’re going, and our primary mission when we get there. In this module we’ll take a deeper dive into the chakras and explore other models that describe us in our totality.

Module 12

Sacred Signal

As Kundalini Teachers/Healers we are living antennas for grace waves. To stem the tide of human suffering we embrace what works. What works is a multi-dimensional approach. Rhythm, resonance, and the distillation of the human predicament to the bedrock of body, mind, psyche, and soul. We hear the symphonic whispers of the ancient ones and draw upon that deep wisdom to inform our path and purpose to let ourselves be guided in Love.

Pastel Swirl
Pastel Swirl



This Training aligns with Yoga Unify’s Qualification process. Yoga Unify, Co Founded by Ravi Singh, ( is dedicated to preserving the  traditions and stewarding the forward evolution of yoga. By elevating the  practice and profession of yoga and creating a culture informed by ethics,  excellence and mutual support we will leave a legacy of healing and grace.  and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world. Upon completion  of this Training you can apply to Yoga Unify for a designation and seal.

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About Ravi Singh:

Transformational Teacher Ravi Singh has 45  yrs. experience, primarily in New York City  and Los Angeles. He is Co-Founder of Yoga  Unify, a new paradigm for yoga. He is Author  (with Life Partner Ana Brett) of The Kundalini  Yoga Book - Life in the Vast Lane. He has  presented seminars for professors and staff of  the psychology department at Yale, the acting  department at NYU, Executives of Fortune  500 companies, and people from all walks of  life. His approach is powerful, inspiring,  

scientific, and soulful. Ravi’s classes have  been called life-changing and life-saving. In a  down-to-earth way, Ravi inspires students to  access their inner vitality to shine, prosper,  and excel in every area of life and being.

Jennifer Greenwald, Kundalini Yoga Studio, the Jai Yoga experience, Best virtual yoga classes, Kundalini Teacher Training 2021

Assisting in the Training will be Jennifer Greenwald (Jai Jai)


Jennifer has been a facilitator for many Ravi Singh Trainings.

She is the Owner of Jai Yoga Center in  Madison, CT. Jennifer is the true embodiment of a  Spiritual Warrior. In 2018 Ravi Singh gifted Jennifer the  name Jai Jai Kaur meaning She Who Embodies the  Royal Path to Victory.


Total Cost for the Training is $2,900 paid in full.



The cost for the Training is $2900 or $270 per month, for 1 yr.


This price will be honored until Monday June 6th. After June 6th the cost will be $3050 and $290 per month. If you’ve attended TWO of Ravi Singh’s previous Trainings please contact us for discount options. To see if you qualify for the returning student pricing, please contact 

Please note that payment for this training is non-refundable. Certifications will not be awarded until your payment has been completed. .


We look forward to seeing you!

Jennifer Greenwald, Kundalini Yoga Studio, the Jai Yoga experience, Best virtual yoga classes, Kundalini Teacher Training 2021

for prospective trainees


Physical Preparation 

People at all fitness levels will be able to take this Training with no problem.  There are modifications given for everything we do so that you can  always participate. We will at times push the envelope gracefully because  our bodies and spirits have a capacity far greater than we know. All of us have a tremendous amount of purification that needs to happen:  physical, emotional, and karmic. True health, happiness, and Spirit are  simply not attainable unless we apply ourselves to this ongoing project. 


At a certain point on our path it's time to take a next step. From our very first  conscious breath when we initiated ourselves into a higher trajectory of being, we  entered into a contract with our soul to go fearlessly forward. When we do, time  and space open doors and conspires to heal and uplift us in unprecedented  ways, as a dispensation of Grace.  

Kundalini Yoga is more than just another style of yoga. It's considered the  capstone of all yoga systems and a gift from the Universe to ease human  suffering. Its pedigree is the lineage of the highest caliber human beings whose  lives reflect amazing attainments and sacrifices to be pure conduits for the  Infinite Teacher, the source of these Teachings. 

We know that taking a leap like this may feel overwhelming and we'd like to  encourage you to honor your call of Spirit and to trust in the process. You will  reap the rewards tenfold as we have seen time and again. By delving more  deeply into our practice and process we will be in a position to help others do the  same.  

Know that a new narrative is beckoning and that the Universe has your  back. From our very first gathering you will know that you're in the place  you're meant to be. As always, we are always available to address any  concerns or questions you may have. 

We look forward to seeing you!


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