The Dali Lama once said that it will be the Western Woman who has the power to save the world

Jai   Goddess

Jai Yoga Madison

Honoring the Divine Feminine
~ Day Immersion with Jennifer Greenwald & Julianna Muthu  ~



10 am- 4 pm

$133 per person

Space Limited

Durga Indian Goddess

The Dali Lama once said that it will be the Western Woman who has the power to save the world.


It is the western woman who has the freedoms and the resources to connect and direct energy for healing.


To fully realize our full divine power, reclaim and understand it, we need practices of renewal and healing.  We need true and intimate experiences that support our learning to fully access what and where our power resides – authentically. We need to feel and remember innately what it is to be an embodiment of the Divine Feminine. 

Join Jennifer and Julianna in this day immersion honoring the Divine Feminine that resides within you. 

Through mantra, sacred oils,

Kundalini teachings

and practice, you will:


Develop a more compassionate presence towards self.


Gain a deeper understanding of your sensory system to harness your innate feminine power 


Experience your deep beauty and confidence 


Release wounding and cyclical thought patterns that keep you playing small


Receive community support in a safe and sacred space




A healthful vegetarian lunch will be provided by DroughtRESTORE.

$133 per person

Julianna Muthu

About Julianna Muthu

Awed by forces felt yet unseen, Julianna became an explorer in the mysterious realms, harnessing them for healing, guidance, wisdom, and liberation. Julianna is an ordained interfaith practitioner and assists those experiencing loss, transitions, and spiritual awakenings.


Her passion for mystical practices is rooted in a desire to liberate and empower all souls seeking a deeper connection with themselves and Spirit.


Julianna has a private practice in New Haven, CT, and serves clients nationally.