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Jai     Goddess

Claim. Your. Royalty

Awaken your Inner Vitality. Feel radiant. Enhance your physical glow and feel more flow. Jai Goddess is a space designed to support women in connecting to their deep wisdom, intuition and grace.


 Kundalini breath work, movement, mantra, meditation, and  sacred circles are offered here to help you strengthen your divine power as a woman.

Jai Goddess Women's Kriya

Jai Goddess Women's Kriya

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The Jai Goddess Sacred Circle is designed to be a container for

fears to be released,

connections to be made,

and joy to be shared. 


Especially during these uncertain times, we need to process emotions as they arise; for emotions can serve us or ruin us. 


Circle guidelines will be held for the comfort and safety of all.  


Tina Marlow leads this circle with nurturing, patience, encouragement, and love.

The cost per circle session is $5.

 Drop in to one or come to as many as you like.

Circle is limited to 8 women.

Space allowed on a first to sign up basis.