10/20 - 11/28

The beautiful Laya Yoga chant allows you to experience your infinite and creative Self.  It helps you to be in direct alignment with your Soul destiny.


If you are ready to remember your True Self, understand the essence of who you are, and be in alignment with your infinite light, this is the mantra~meditation for you. 


As you listen to and chant the sounds of this mantra, you will be taken into the subtle realm of creative sound.  In this space you can tap into your intuition and unique creativity to gain the insight and wisdom to live life with purpose and passion. 


The word Laya refers to suspension from the ordinary world. Laya Yoga fixes your attention and energy on your essence and higher consciousness without normal distractions and attachments having power over your reactive awareness.

This video shares the “how to”
for the Laya Yoga Meditation.


The sounds of the mantra are: 

Ek Ong Kaar - A


Siree Wae- A

Hay Guruu



One Creative Energy

Truth is our Identity 

Great Indescribable Wisdom


As you work with this mantra, begin to derive meaning from these primal vibrational sounds.  Feel the true energy of Creation moving through you.  Go deep into the subtle realm of sound and vibration ~ that from which all creativity lives. Allow the mantra to awaken the Kundalini force that resides within you.  

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