Aquarian Age Sadhana

Sunday  |  12/1  |  8am-10am

 A spiritual practice to bring radiance and victorious living.

The Aquarian Age Sadhana is an early morning spiritual practice to cleanse your mind, uplift your spirit, and set your day. It includes kundalini yoga warm ups and mantras. 


The Aquarian Age Sadhana was given by Yogi Bhajan to help guide our souls through the changing and often chaotic times that comes with the transition into the Aquarian Age.  Each mantra-meditation in the Aquarian Age Sadhana holds a very specific vibration to help give us the strength and insight to be victorious, peaceful, and loving beings in this lifetime. 


In order to create sustainable change, we need to come together as one. 

It’s time to stop the endless searching and start practicing Oneness.


Coming together for group spiritual practice is quite special and elevating. Not only does group practice give you added support as you tap into the strength of group energy, it is also the impetus for shifting the collective consciousness to a higher frequency towards peace, love and unity. 



Reservations Recommended

SCEAD stands for Space for Children in Education Art and Development. SCEAD foundation has been helping underprivileged children, women and disabled people since 1998, founded by Siju Thomas Daniel. The foundation strives to spread knowledge and education in rural India, empower the visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged people and create an inclusive society which provides equal opportunities to them.

SCEAD Foundation's main goals are to:

Create the proper environment for education and growth of underprivileged children by: 
Adopting schools. Providing basic facilities. Organizing music, sports, dancing workshops. Educating children on the subject of social issues. Helping with adoption of orphans.

Solve the issue of child labour issue and other world’s problem by: 
Helping street kids get back to school and have proper education.

Develop and support rural farmers by:
Establishing seed banks. Improving socio-economic conditions for goat raising in rural India. Construction of potable water cisterns.

Engage in a range of activities for HIV children, mentally and physically disabled people.

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