True wisdom exists in the ethers and is found in our meditations, in our relationships, in our conversations, in the very workings of our daily lives. We just need the time, space, and insight to access it. 


The virtual doors of Jai Academy is one of the many portals in which you can enter the higher consciousness available. 

The term Academy traces back to the times of Plato’s School of Philosophy  ~ Akademia.  


It stems from the Ancient Greek Goddess Athena ~ Goddess of Wisdom and Skill. 

Jai Academy recognizes there is simply ONE creator which moves all of existence  ~ Ek Ong Kar. However, we must acknowledge the complexity of this ONE.  


When we understand there is an individual nature to this ONE, that there are many I’s (eyes) for which it sees through, known as the collective; we begin to merge into the beautiful tapestry we came here to create. We are all simply a thread in the fabric of the infinite ONE.


Jai Academy is where you can receive the

wisdom, insight, support, and expansion to elevate into the new consciousness currently be created on our planet.


Jai Academy will consist of various teachings to lift Spirit.

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