Experience Kirtan Kriya

9/25 - 11/3


The Jai Soul-Fuel Community will begin this mediation on 9/25. 


Begin your journey at a time that feels right for you.


Kirtan Kriya has ancient roots, but it’s potency stands the test of time.  It is one of the most well known and studied kundalini yoga meditations. 


Research shows practicing this meditation for just 12 minutes a day can improve brain function and memory, reduce stress, improve sleep, and alleviate depression.


From the spiritual perspective, Kirtan Kriya is known to bring spiritual well being as it acts as a gentle cleanser for the sub consciousness. It adds a grace and flow into your daily doings and is great for mental balance. 

This simple, yet powerful practice is a great mediation for beginners and seasoned meditators. No matter how many years you’ve been practicing yoga/meditation, NOW is always the time to uplift energy and be available for transformations that align you with your soul destiny. 

Learn about Kirtan Kriya in this video:

“how to” kirtan kriya -  2:24

jump into kirtan kriya -  3:50


The sounds of the mantra are: 

Sa - Ta - Na - Ma



Sa - totality, infinity

Ta - life, existence 

Na - transformation, completion

Ma - rebirth, resurrection 

As you work with this mantra, begin to 1520

derive meaning from these primal vibrational sounds. 


Feel the true energy of Creation moving through you. 


Go deep into the subtle realm of sound and vibration ~ that from which all creativity lives.


Allow the mantra to awaken the Kundalini force that resides within you.  




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