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As the World continues to evolve and our lives continue to transition, so does our website and our class offerings. Please check back often for new classes, meditations & updates on events.

True wisdom exists in the ethers and is found in our meditations, in our relationships, in our conversations, in the very workings of our daily lives.


We just need the time, space, and insight to access it. 


Positive Mind Power = Holy Shift!

Tune in daily with Jai for 40 days and transform.

Jai Jai Kaur

I was given this name by my Teacher.  Jai simply means Victory. Jai Jai (doubled) means Victorious in Spirit and Victorious in the earthly realm.

why is Kundalini so good for you?

Kundalini yoga comes with numerous benefits such as increased flexibility, alleviation of stress, expanded lung capacity, a strong core, and a radiant presence which makes you magnetic and memorable. 

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